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Why rhino linings protective coating?

Rhino Linings protective coating is the spray-on truck bed liner brand most asked for by name! We offer the widest selection of professionally installed spray-on truck bed liner products. We develop and control the manufacturing process of our own materials, guaranteeing consistent and durable protection with the highest quality.

can i use my truck right away?

Yes, Rhino Linings protective coatings dries to the touch in just seconds; though we recommend that you wait 24 hours for heavy duty use in order to allow the bed liner material to fully cure.

is the bed liner repairable?

Yes, if you damage your bed liner, we are equipped to make seamless, professional quality repairs. 

can i take it out?

Rhino Linings protective coating and spray-on bed liner is designed to provide permanent protection for your vehicle. A Rhino lining performs so well, you'll surely never want or need to remove it!

Will the lining hold up to extreme weather and conditions?

Yes. Rhino Linings spray on lining products are specifically engineered not to warp, crack, peel or split due to weather or other environmental factors. Our spray-on liners are engineered to withstand the severe cold of Alaska to the intense heat of Arizona, (temperatures between -40 degrees F and 190 degrees F). Unlike plastic drop-in liners or other spray-on liners, Rhino Linings products are formulated to withstand heavy-duty use while offering superior abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Will the bed feel hotter than the rest of the truck?

No, Rhino Linings protective coating forms a direct bond to the surface of your truck bed, allowing efficient heat transfer (i.e. no thermo effect compared to a drop-in). In fact, it will actually "feel" cooler than the metal on your truck on a hot day!)

where else can rhino linings be used?

Rhino Linings products can be applied to virtually any properly prepared surface for durable and long-lasting protection. Grille guards and bumpers, rocker panels, fender flares, floor wells, boat decks and boat hulls are just some examples. Rhino Linings products can also be used on trailers, ATVs, tractors, watercraft and anything else that will benefit from outstanding protection and corrosion resistance.

What about the drain holes? will they still be open?

Yes, one of the advantages of a Rhino Linings spray-on bed liner over a plastic drop-in bed liner is that it maintains your truck's factory-designed drainage system. Drop-in truck bed liners often don't fit tightly enough and water and ice tend to settle under the liner, ultimately leading to rust.

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